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“No One Dreams of Being a Fundraiser is a candid, humorous, and at times irreverent examination of the largely unexamined world of major gift fundraising. Seasoned fundraisers will find Mitch’s observations both familiar and relatable, while those new to the field will benefit from his stories and cautionary tales.”

Joshua R. Newton, Senior Vice President for advancement and alumni engagement at Emory University


“Linker’s approach to fundraising is beautifully articulated in this informative, fun and fresh memoir. I’ve been solicited by many fundraisers over the years. His honest, authentic, inquisitive style of raising money is appealing to donors and it works!”

Valerie Friedman, Financial Planner


“Nearly all of us had a different dream but we awoke to this profession. Linker shows how this new reality can be better than the dream. If you are new to fundraising, read No One Dreams of Being a Fundraiser first.”

Joshua M. Birkholz, Principal, Bentz Whaley Flessner and author of Fundraising Analytics


“It is an astonishing thing to read a book about fundraising—fully not expecting it to be personal, honest and touching—only to become emotionally invested after the first page. Linker brings us on a journey from his promising musical career into his immersion into fundraising and all the stumbling blocks that go with it. His charm and humor make this story fun and deeply relatable.”
Chris Trapper, Singer/Songwriter

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