No One Dreams of Being A Fundraiser

“No One Dreams of Being a Fundraiser is a candid, humorous, and at times irreverent examination of the largely unexamined world of major gift fundraising. Seasoned fundraisers will find Mitch’s observations both familiar and relatable, while those new to the field will benefit from his stories and cautionary tales.”

-Joshua R. Newton, Senior Vice President for advancement and alumni engagement at Emory University

No One Dreams of Being a Fundraiser is an inspirational, one-of-a-kind memoir that tells the story of Mitchell Linker’s harrowing and hilarious journey from aspiring rock star to nonprofit major gifts fundraiser.

Along the way, Linker reveals how he overcame his fear of asking for money by employing a unique fundraising philosophy rooted in honesty, authenticity, curiosity and empathy.

No One Dreams of Being a Fundraiser is, however, about more than fundraising.

It’s about what happens when you follow your heart with unwavering commitment only to have it lead you to a place of hopelessness and despair. It’s about making a life-pivot and finding fulfillment and satisfaction in something new and totally unexpected. In Linker’s case, it’s the intimidating yet exhilarating world of nonprofit major gifts fundraising.

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